Fuel Injection Wire Harness

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Fuel Injection System Wiring Harness

Harness the power of fuel injection and superior drivability for your ride. Our selection of fuel injection harnesses make it easy to bring throttle body, multi-port or sequential multi-port fuel injection to your vehicle. Whether you are adding an aftermarket fuel injection system to your existing engine, replacing a brand new fuel injected engine, or just replacing old wiring, we can meet your needs. Bring fuel injection to any vehicle - vintage muscle car, street racer, replica or anything else - with KINKONG's fuel injection system wiring harnesses.

A wiring harness (also known as a wiring assembly, cable harness or cable assembly) is like the central nervous system of your vehicle, which transmits signals or electricity throughout your car or truck.

The better the quality of the wiring assembly, the more precise its vehicle assembly and the better it will perform.

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