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Once production is complete, each individual wire harness must undergo our standard testing procedures. This step is crucial in ensuring the final product be qualified and performs 100% reliably.

Exterier Inspection

● Put finished products in the area to be inspected and labeled with "to be inspected" 

● Check exterior following sample standard

● If passed, products to be delivered to Continuity Test procedure

● If failed, rework → record rework diary → re-inspection → passed →

Continuity Test

Mechanical Properties Test

● Insertion force testing

● Pull-off force test

●Tensile Strength

● Drop Test

● Vibration Test

Continuity Test

● Make circuit diagram based on drawings.

● Continuity test 100%

● If failed, find the problem and rework. Second inspection for the continuity test must be done after the repaired defects pass the re-inspection.

Rework Process

● label the defected products

Immersion test;

● Waterproof (IP Rating) test

All of the above mentioned testing process guarantees the quality of all manufactured wire harnesses to match your specific design and performance requirement.