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Trucks may travel from muddy slush or freezing cold to scorching, dusty heat in the same trip. As a result, every part of the trailer, including the electrical system, must be able to withstand the widest range of operating conditions. At KINKONG, we build custom harnesses for all types of rigs, from forklifts that load and unload ships to semi-trailers that haul cargo from one shore to another. We'll evaluate all the environmental stresses your truck is subjected to and build reliable truck harnesses to keep your equipment running wherever it goes.

Our custom braiding equipment allows us to make the toughest trailer wiring harnesses that allow the cab to control every part of the electrical system, from lights to brakes. We also develop custom potting for your wiring harness or connector to increase durability and minimize replacement costs, making the right material for each application. We will work from your drawings or work with you to develop a manufacturing process for trailer hitch harnesses that can withstand wear, water, shock, vibration, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Truck and Trailer Wiring Harnesses

Once you've built a harness with KINKONG, you'll get the same level of quality on every production run. Our high-end ERP system includes extensive documentation covering all aspects of design, materials and production, so we can build new trailer harnesses with superior repeatability as needed. We will also manufacture and stock large or small quantities of individual components or complete truck harnesses, providing you with the shortest possible turnaround time and maximum return on investment.


Our services include but are not limited to:

1. Quotation within 24 hours.

2. Drawing build.

3. Connector procurement and wiring harness assembly.

4. Wiring testing and cosmetic inspection.

5. Small or large quantity orders.


We are a reliable supplier at automotive connectors, enclosures, casings, terminals & silicon rubber sealings, fuse boxes and the entire wiring/cable assembly, in global automotive top tuning market and after market.

Our mission is to customize solutions for both individual customers and companies to help them gain a worldwide competitive market by providing outstanding technologies and supreme qualified products with a total effective cost.

Whether you're in search of an integrated wiring assembly or an individual component, our innovative engineer team and adavanced ultra precision tooling technology will provide simple but efficient solutions, increase your profitability. In the meanwhile, it keeps us active and expanding in the related industry area.

The automotive wiring harness industry is witnessing product innovations aimed at minimizing loads. Therefore, KINKONG, a leading market supplier is using quality conductors, insulators and sheaths for the wires and cables in automotive wiring harness systems. This helps in improving robustness and heat resistance and protects the products from any damage.