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Car Battery Wiring Harness

As the world's premier manufacturer of battery cable assemblies, KINKONG is a leader in battery cable assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our battery cable assemblies are designed to provide continuous power to peripheral devices and standard peripheral electrical components in a system. Battery powered systems must be highly reliable regardless of environmental conditions.

For applications with high electrical usage, battery harnesses are the right way to organize and secure the many wires that are sometimes required in such electrical systems. Battery harness assemblies protect wires from vibration, abrasion and moisture, thereby reducing the risk of electrical shorts.

KINKONG is a premier manufacturer of battery cable assemblies for a variety of harsh environment OEM applications, such as

Battery systems

Construction equipment

Farm and agricultural equipment

Lawn and garden equipment

Marine craft


Off-Road (OTR) vehicles/semi-finished products

Recreational vehicles, such as UTVs and ATVs

Truck and trailer chassis structures

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We are a reliable supplier at automotive connectors, enclosures, casings, terminals & silicon rubber sealings, fuse boxes and the entire wiring/cable assembly, in global automotive top tuning market and after market.

Our mission is to customize solutions for both individual customers and companies to help them gain a worldwide competitive market by providing outstanding technologies and supreme qualified products with a total effective cost.

Whether you're in search of an integrated wiring assembly or an individual component, our innovative engineer team and adavanced ultra precision tooling technology will provide simple but efficient solutions, increase your profitability. In the meanwhile, it keeps us active and expanding in the related industry area.

Our customers are the companies of kinds of scales from all over the world. Whether they are a Fortune global 500 company, a small start-up, or an SME, they have one thing in common: they rely on our high-quality products and fast responsive service. This serves to remind us that we are really about you – our customers. Our business is about your business – helping your company to create value for your customers. We’re always happy to communicate with you and take advantages of our years of experience to provide solutions and offer quotes for any of your upcoming needs.

Car Battery Wiring Harness

KINKONG offers a variety of battery cable assemblies that depend on the customer's application and component topology:

Tapered rear battery

Bell to bell

Flat/grounding strap

Booster cables

Fuse battery cables

With a large assembly portfolio including wires, connectors, terminals, splices and protective covers, the main focus of KINKONG's professional electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering staff is the correct selection of components. Each battery and cable assembly is also manufactured to optimize the space utilization, cost and quality of the customer's electromechanical system. To ensure correct wire connections, all battery and cable assemblies are subjected to 100% continuity testing.

From prototypes to complete production possibilities, simple and complex battery cable requirements, and custom molded part capabilities, PCA is able to provide OEMs with the best possible end result.

KINKONG is a cable assembly manufacturer and a leader in traditional and custom battery cable assembly cables. For expert assistance in battery cable assembly design and manufacturing, please contact KINKONG.

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