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Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness or OEM Motorcycle Wiring Harness

We are proud to provide high-quality Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness at the right price, and our custom wiring harness is no exception. We provide high-quality Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness and connectors that meet Motorcycle sports standards.

Cooperating with multiple partners for different applications, we can help you to create the perfect wiring solution for your Motorcycle application. With years of design, manufacturing and assembly experience, we have provided cable assemblies and looms for some of the leading Motorcycle projects that have been used in some of the harshest environments that the earth must provide. We know that we can help you with any custom loom or wiring application.

Call us and provide your specifications, you will get our Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness advice.

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Custom Motorcycle Wiring Harness Performance and Budget

All of our motorsport wiring harnesses are manufactured using DR25 sleeving systems and type 44 and Type 55 Raychem wire, with Deutsch, Binder or military specification connectors. As used by Formula 1 teams, Super bike or World Rally for example

We can also offer you a cheaper solution if asked, for Club racing, with a range of harness using commercial grade Raychem heat shrink alongside industrial specification connectors. This is ideal for the racer on a more limited budget.

In addition, we can also manufacture various Motorcycle wiring harnesses, automotive wiring harnesses, from ECUs, power modules, engine Wiring Harness, chassis wiring harnesses to radio communication looms, almost everything is possible.

Contact us now and our engineers can help you determine the best option for your needs.