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KINKONG designs and manufactures custom overmolded cable assemblies in a wide range of circuit sizes and cable lengths to provide rugged strain relief at the interface between connectors and sheathed cables.

Consumer, industrial and industrial automation applications often require cables that can withstand bending and repeated plugging and unplugging, and KINKONG's custom overmolded cable assemblies offer strain relief to reduce mechanical stress on wires and terminations.

As consumer, telecom and industrial OEMs design more features that require higher currents, KINKONG designs overmolded cable assemblies that can provide current ratings to satisfy more customers, depending on the connector family.

Typically, when consumer, appliance and telecom customers need cable assemblies, they require multiple suppliers for connectors, cables and actual assemblies. kinkong is a global connector and cable assembly manufacturer offering complete connectivity solutions.


A less obvious advantage of overmolded cable assemblies is the level of customization that can be applied. While secondary molding of existing assemblies is possible, you can also create unique products that fully meet the requirements of your application. Customizable assemblies include:

Overmolded cable colors, which can be strategically selected to color code components, complement brand colors, match cable jacketing or blend with equipment

Presence of logo or company name on overmolding

Presence of flanges that can be used for attachment points

The design has right angles, right angles or any other exit required to meet your application needs

LED indicator lights to reduce repair time by making damaged connectors easy to locate

Materials used, such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), TPV or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

Overmolded cable assemblies, including overmolded braided, shielded and corrosion resistant chemical designs for harsh environment interconnection harnesses and cable assembly applications

Overmolded cable assemblies are the most rugged category of interconnection harnesses available. Overmolding is the preferred solution for environmental protection of interconnect cable assemblies for military, aerospace and harsh environment industries. In fact, typical interconnect cable assemblies manufactured for high-performance applications - from fighter jets to disassembled soldier systems - have little in common with their more pedestrian cousins in consumer products, including better overmolded cable and connector sealing materials, and better mechanical/bending protection, EMI shielding, superior wire termination strain relief, higher IP-rated environmental sealing and superior all-around durability.

Connector manufacturing and overmolded cable expertise combined with cable harness assembly

If there's one thing we know a lot about at KINKONG, it's how to build environmentally sealed, overmolded interconnect cable assemblies for high-reliability systems. In fact, there is no more experienced overmolded cable assembly operator than KINKONG when it comes to protecting electrical and optical media from mechanical stress, corrosion damage, lightning strikes, physical abuse, nuclear, biological or chemical contamination, and more. This is due in large part to our extensive interconnect assembly design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our years of experience in military grade and harsh environment commercial wire harness manufacturing.

If your project requires a custom solution or build-to-print for overmolded cable assemblies, encapsulated circuits or connectors, let us help you design a better product. We can save you time and money by using our in-house tool set to create custom cable overmolding molds or by using existing or standard overmolding molds to fit most connectors.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to every design challenge. That's why we provide our customers with full-service in-house engineering experts. They work in all industries to develop comprehensive solutions for every engineering challenge, from build-to-print cable overmolded assemblies to complex and custom overmolded cable harnesses.

KINKONG's overmolding process offers a high degree of flexibility at any stage of the process. kinkong is ready to help.


Overmolding is an injection molding process in which two or more materials are used to combine wires and connectors together to form a single part. To do this, the cable assembly is placed inside a mold. In this process, the first material (the substrate) is covered with other materials. The overmolding process requires the use of insert molding (single shot) or multiple shot molding (secondary molding) techniques to cover the rigid plastic part with a TPU layer or other secondary molding material.

Overmolded or overmolded cables are complete assemblies that combine wires and connectors into one seamless part. To do this, the cable assembly is placed inside a mold. Next, molten plastic material is injected into the mold cavity. Once the plastic material has cooled and solidified, it conforms to the shape of the mold and encapsulates the connection point between the connector and the wire.

Benefits of Secondary Molding

All the benefits of overmolding boil down to two things: longer life and reliability. Overmolding shields internal components, enhances the quality of protection and helps cable assemblies withstand even the harshest environments. With overmolded cable assemblies, you will.

  1. Increase flexibility at the cable exit, where most of the movement between the cable and connector occurs

  2. Provide resistance to abrasion, shock or impact

  3. Make cable assemblies tamper resistant by encapsulating the assembly under a sealing resin

  4. Provides 360 degree strain relief and increased tensile strength

  5. Creates a waterproof or watertight seal, making the cable assembly eligible for IP certification

  6. Improves the overall quality, look and feel of cable assemblies, replacing expensive metal backshells

  7. Simplifies installation by creating a one-piece assembly with a key that acts as a visual indicator to aid in each pairing

  8. Reduces human error

Overmolded cable assemblies for a variety of applications

Knowing the right place and time to use overmolded cable assemblies in your application can make the difference between success and failure. Designers looking to take advantage of the key benefits of overmolded cables will be able to build successfully with the durability, strength, customizability and short turnaround time of these connectors in applications that rely on these features.

Typical Applications

Overmolding is ideal for cable assemblies that are exposed to extreme weather, high pressure washdown, constant sanitation, frequent tensioning and bending, exposure to dust or debris, or must be both aesthetically pleasing and reliable. Some of the most common applications using overmolding include solar, military equipment, consumer electronics, medical devices and industrial/OEM applications.


Engineering the design of an overmolding tool is a task in itself. Design must be considered for any overmolding project, as errors can have a significant impact on production costs, cycle time, time to market, and overall product quality and performance - especially when designing multi-cavity molds and handling high volumes. Due to the increasing maturity and accessibility of prototyping technology, engineering teams can now 3D print tools and test their functionality and manufacturability before cutting production steel. The ability to prototype significantly reduces cost, time and material waste.