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Vintage Car Wiring Looms

Original Reproduction Wiring Harnesses for Vintage Muscle Cars

Our wiring harnesses are manufactured exactly the way your vehicle was wired from the factory. These harnesses are built to exact OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, using original factory blueprints, and are factory correct in every way. These are fully assembled, ready-to-install, "plug-and-play" exact replica harnesses. When installing these harnesses into your Vintage car or truck, you don't have to cut any wires, crimp any terminals, or make any modifications to these harnesses.

Are these harnesses the right choice for you?

Are you keeping your vehicle all original and stock? If you want to reconnect your vehicle to its stock configuration just the way it left the factory, the choice is simple. Our wiring is the right choice for you. Whether your vehicle is "driver" or judged at a prestigious car show, these harnesses fit the bill.

If your vehicle has a factory-installed (not dealer-installed or aftermarket) option, you can also purchase additional wiring harnesses. Examples include: air conditioning, power windows, rear window defogger, power roof, etc. These additional harnesses will plug directly into the main harness just as they came from the factory. With our wiring, you can rewire the vehicle one harness at a time, rewire specific areas of the vehicle (e.g., engine compartment), or follow our recommendations!

Are you keeping most of the original vehicle (with specific modifications)? Do you want to retain most of the originality of your vehicle, but want to make some updates/modifications, specifically.

Are you moving the alternator to the opposite side?

Are you replacing an externally regulated alternator/generator with an updated internally regulated alternator?

Are you adding GM's HEI electronic ignition?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we may have a solution for certain years/makes/models of vehicles. Due to the popularity of these updates, we may offer modified harnesses, conversion harnesses or conversion devices to accommodate these updates. For a faster and easier installation, we recommend starting with an electrical sound base and selecting KINKONG wiring. Rewire the entire vehicle as-is. Then make the necessary modifications yourself.

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Vintage Car Wiring Looms

At KINKONG, each vehicle's wiring harness is reproduced using the original wiring harness pattern. Every effort is made to maintain correctness and originality.

Correctly sized wires and the correct color codes and tracers are used, including the use of cotton covered wires. All terminations are crimped and soldered. NOS and high quality reproduction connectors are used to ensure proper fit.

Each automotive wiring harness is manufactured for your specific needs. Wiring for directional lights, second taillight, siren and spotlight car wires can be built in.

Each harness comes with an instruction manual.

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