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Automotive Wiring Harness Kit

While it may seem like a lot of work, installing a hot rod wire harness is worth your time. You’ll find a great selection of wiring harness kits for hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, VW bugs and just about anything you can hit the road with. These often include circuits for lights, radios, wipers and more. Need a universal wiring harness kit? We’ve got you covered. Custom wiring harness kits can offer you even more options for your ride. Get wired up and shop for wiring harness kits now!

Painless Wiring Systems and Components for Classic Cars and Trucks

Painless Wiring Harnesses and Components for your hot rod, street rod, muscle car & classic. These model-specific and universal kits are easy to install and are a must-have for any auto restoration.

Automotive Wiring Harness Kit

Brand new 12 circuit wire kit. This is a complete Bumper to Bumper wire kit, it will have more than enough wire for your project. This kit has circuits for A/C, Ignition/Battery, Gauges, Brake switch, Flasher, Headlight,Wiper.Ignition, Battery/Hazard, Ignition On, ACC 1, Heater and, ACC 2. Includes Wire Loom, Fusible Link and, Butt Connectors.

This wiring kit features a thick coating over the copper wire. The gauge of the wiring ranges from 10 gauge to 18 gauge depending on what the wire is for. The wires are GM color coded and, labeled. This complete wiring harness is perfect for almost any car or truck project. It includes detailed installation instructions. It is Great for most Street Rods, Classic Cars and, Hot Rods.

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