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1.Quality system ISO9000.
Following ISO9000, Kinkong gives high priority to control the quality of harness components, including automotive connectors, pins/terminals, tubs, and other accessories. Besides,the vast majority of Kinkong products have ROHS&SGS certification.

2. Quality control the components both from Internal and External channel.
Kinkong regularly self-check the product and make improvements. At the same time, according to the customer feedback, the relevant colleagues of QC willuse 8D report or PDCA to solve the problem.

Improve product quality from both internal and external feedback. Incoming material inspection procedure(INTERNAL):

● List of outsourcing incoming marterial.
● Inspection samples following international standard.
● Inspection report passed, incoming material goes to the harness assemble area.
● If deviation parts noticed, fill in the application form for the defected raw materials and take it to the  developing department/QC department for approving the cost. the AOD raw materials will be accpetable unless it was approved by general manager.
● If defected parts noticed, stick the special  labels for the defected raw materials and make the records  on the list of defects stocks based on the inspection report, return to supplier.
When customer complaint occures(EXTERNAL), we will use our Customer Complaint Handling System to record and solve problems.

 3. Inventory
 With 1500 m2 self-owned warehouse for components, we make huge stock for both domestic and original harness accessories, including connectors, pins, silicone rubber seals,  and other wiring harness accessories. Our purchase department will ensure the safety inventory for regular products.

 4. Developing Ability
 Kinkong have our own moulding sub-factory and work with many cooperative moulding processing units. We made and is making customized moulds each year at about 100pcs to support our customers for different projects,many of them are from  global top tuning and after market.