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KINKONG is a Chinese wire harness manufacturer, and we can manufacture any type of wiring loom for any type of vehicle. Whether it's a racecar, streetcar, off-road vehicle, side by side, boat, aircraft, or military vehicle. Our design team has over 10 years experience of in all types of vehicles, past and present, and will work closely with you to ensure we meet your exact requirements. 

Our service includes but is not limited to:

1. Quote in 24 working hours.

2. Drawings build.

3. Connectors purchase and wire harness assembling.

4. Wiring Testing and Visual inspection.

5. Small volume orders or large volume orders.

For further information on the types of loom we can provide, please contact us.

Automotive Wiring Harness

The automotive wiring harness is a set of wires, terminals, connectors, relays, and other combinations of wire assembly, which connect to the entire vehicle data or power supply base connectivity systems. KINKONG supplies customers’ OEM service based on complicated drawings or a sample. Our purchase includes JST , Molex, Tyco, Delphi, Deutsch, and Yazaki brand connectors and terminals for a full set of wiring manufacturing in-house.

KINKONG provides reliable multiple-function wire looms, and durable split loom pipes, which are in a wide range of application on wire harness, cabling and home applications. Split looms are very effective in almost any environment and are very easy to install. Particularly in the automotive engines around wiring, this plastic tube provides a simple and effective way to route and protect a variety of cable/wire assemblies and harnesses not damage by metal and high temperature. 


Using the latest design software, we design the automotive looms using a choice of materials to suit the environment and budget of the electrical system required. All components of automotive wiring harness are thoroughly tested and inspected prior to completion.

Custom Automotive Wiring Harness

At KINKONG, we manufacture custom automotive wiring harnesses as per specifications. These harnesses are precisely and carefully crafted. We can handle any custom automotive wiring harness order. Our years of experience in wire harness assembly is what allows us to deliver quality products and superior customer service time and time again. Making harnesses to your exact specifications means having the right tool for the right job every time. When you need the best wiring harness for your specific automotive project, consider our custom solutions.

Some of our available options and capabilities include: 

30 through 8 AWG, 26-10,000mm in length.

Individual wires pre-cut, stripped, twisted, tinned, terminated.

Wire bonding – ribbon style.

Wire harness assemblies with or without terminals or connectors.

Ultrasonic Welding

Multiple Connectors / Wire Leads

Individual Harnesses Tested

Wire / Harness labeling

Experienced and professional wire harness assembly

We offer competitive pricing and professional, experienced staff. We take pride in providing personalized attention to the fulfillment of both your custom wire harness needs and any turnkey solutions necessary. In the automotive wiring harness industry, harness technology has changed radically and we have adapted to incorporate the latest cost effective practices as a response.

Lead Wire

If there are multiple wires connected to the device, the lead connection is very convenient. If there is only one cable in the box, it is easy to electrically connect to the equipment in the electrical box. In order to facilitate the connection, usually ends processing for the twisted wire tinned, connected to the box when the solder and lock screws can be handled by the other one is a separate relay or banana plug.

Custom Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Throttle Pedal Wire Harness For Benz WC283


AVSS has a good mixture of vinyl chloride for mechanical and electrical applications, the insulation can be thin-walled, multiple conductors together have good bendability, and have excellent fire resistance, heat resistance is also very good, usually used in the assembly of automotive wiring harnesses, AVSS is the Japanese standard, so it is more widely used in Japanese automotive.

Custom Wire Harness For Nissan Sr20det CAS WA10209


FLYY wire is a thin-walled low-voltage wire, commonly used in automotive manufacturing and vehicle maintenance, is the German standard series of wire, which also has FLR, FLRY, FLYW, etc.


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