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Automotive Relay Harness

Mini, Micro, and Maxi ISO, also Weatherproof connectors. automotive relays for pc board, wiring harnesses. pre-wired automotive relay harness assemblies also available.

Select the number of relays

We know that space is at a premium for your car, truck, boat or SUV. That's why we've designed our power control harness sets with your choice of 3 to 6 relays, each rated at 40 A at 12 V. It's that simple.

Not sure how many relays you need? Our interlocking relay bases make it easy to add or subtract any number of relays you want.

Choose Your Circuit Breaker

Each MGI relay set comes with a circuit breaker tailored to your specific load. Not sure what breaker size you need? Don't worry - MGI uses industry-standard, time-tested formulas to provide recommended breaker sizes for your individual loads.

Simply enter your current load into the calculator

and indicate if it's a motor load.

With this information, MGI will provide you with the right breaker size unless otherwise selected.

Easy Wiring

Each relay harness comes with a large number of wires for inputs and outputs. After installing the relay harness in your chosen location, use the relay socket diagram as a guide for power and load wiring.

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Automotive Relay Harness

What is a Relay Harness?

A relay harness uses a 30 amp fuse to protect the power wire and connects directly to the positive terminal of the battery. The automotive relay is used to extract a signal from the source (headlight connector) that triggers the draw of power from the battery.

Do automotive relays need to be grounded?

When the voltage over the coil is hot, the relay must be on the ground side of the load. The case should be grounded. For hot switching voltages below the coil, the relay can be located on either side of the load.

What does a 12V automotive relay do?

12V DC relay switches are the best solution for full voltage applications because they allow low current circuits to control high current circuits such as automotive horns, headlights, auxiliary lights, fan motors, blower motors and countless other existing devices in vehicles today.

What two types of relays are used in automobiles?

Types of Automotive Relays

Switching Relay. This is the most common type of relay. ...

Normally open relays...

Potted relays...

Flashing relays...

Thermal (standard) flasher...

Electromechanical flasher...

LED flashers...

Wig swing flasher.

Are all automotive relays the same?

The problem is that not all relays are the same. If many relays are installed for the wrong application, it can and will lead to short circuits (internal relay circuits) and will likely cause functional problems or even damage to the on-board computer system.

What are automotive relays?

Automotive relays are common types of electromechanical relays that can be used in all types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans and trailers. They enable low current circuits to control and operate higher current circuits in vehicle applications.

Do I need a relay harness for HID?

If your HID kit does not come with a ballast, it is highly recommended that you install a relay harness as well. Failure to use either device can cause serious damage to your vehicle. We offer a variety of HID conversion kits with CANbus ballasts, so you do not need to purchase a relay harness.

How do I check the headlight harness?

Place the tip of the tester through the wire insulation behind the socket and make contact with the wires. The tester should light up two of the three wires (the ground wire is not lit). If two wires light up, the wiring is good. Only the socket needs to be replaced.

What is the most common cause of headlight failure?

Most total headlight failures are caused by bad components such as fuses, relays or modules. Wiring problems can also cause both headlights to stop working. The high beams and/or low beams do not work.

How do I check the headlight relay?

Open the hood, locate the fuse box with the headlight relay or relays and open it. Put your ear near the relay and listen. Alternatively, you can wedge the handle of a long screwdriver into your ear and then touch the point of the screwdriver to the relay. You can hear the relay click through the screwdriver like a stethoscope.

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