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The Importance Of Automotive Wire Harness Design

Nov. 22, 2021

Automotive Wire Harness


As one of the important components of a car, the wire harness is equivalent to the transmission nerve of a car, which has the role of signal control for a car and directly affects the quality and performance of a car. Therefore, in addition to meeting the basic performance requirements of an automobile, the wire harness design also requires the high quality of the harness itself.


What is an automotive wire harness?


The automotive wire harness is an important part of the connection between various electrical and electronic equipment, playing a role in the transfer of electrical signals between electronic equipment and electrical appliances, is the carrier of the electrical signal control of the car, it can be said that without the wire harness there is no car circuit. With the modern society's increasingly high requirements for the car, the car's intelligence is also improved, which puts forward higher requirements for the car wire harness.


With the automotive wire harness is matched with the automotive connector, the function of the connector is to achieve between the wire harness and the wire harness and other electronic devices between the fast connection and blocking device. With the development of automotive electronics technology and the development of the wire harness, the connector also put forward higher requirements, the connector to be more flexible, insulation to be higher, to provide better conditions for the conduction of the wire harness, to achieve improved automotive performance, increase the reliability and safety of the car. The automotive connector is an important part of the automotive wire harness, the design and research of the connector have also become an important part of how to improve the performance and intelligence of the car.


Automotive wire harness design


The most ideal result of the design of the wire harness is to be able to use the shortest wire and the most suitable wire cross-section to ensure that all automotive electrical and electronic equipment can work properly. Therefore, there are strict requirements for wire material, quality, and conductivity. In addition to the material of the wire itself, the working ability of the wire bundle also involves the use of wire cross-section and other external factors that can be controlled, so the selection of the wire bundle should not only consider the wire itself but also require specific operation and practice of researchers. For the role of connecting and connecting the connector is also very demanding, the friction and wear of the connector's contact end should be able to withstand the test of the car's long working hours, for easy wear or friction is not enough material should be eliminated as soon as possible. The connector is composed of two parts: the base and the contact end, which is destined to be more complex compared to the wire harness, the connector research.


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