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  • Adapter wire harness loom

  • Adapter wire harness loom

  • Adapter wire harness loom

Adapter wire harness loom

The products listed on the website are customized, for  reference only, not for retail. If you have a purchase  plan for some similar wire harnesses, please feel free to  contact us.

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Solution for Automotive Wiring Harness

With years of experience in wire harness manufacturing, Kinkong Wire Harness can provide complete solutions for a wide range of different applications in the automotive industry. We produce wiring harness for engine, light & lamp, sensor, ignition coil, accelerator pedal, fuel injection, car radio, chassis, etc, but not limited to the above mentioned. We’re looking forward to getting inquiry from you. Click here to find out more. 

Engine Wiring Harness


Kinkong Wire Harness is a derivative brand of KINKONG, mainly focus on the custom wire harness assembly and over-molding service for after-market and tuning-market in the vehicle industry, including cars, motorcycles, racing cars, agricultural machinery, mining machine, ATV, superbikes, scooters, e-bikes, sea-doo, Can-Am...

Engine Wiring Harness

We began from very small pigtail harnesses and have grown to be a very specialized and quality-ensured wiring manufacture for more intricate wiring harnesses, from auto lamp harness, engine harness, to chassis harness, and all the customized harness if needed.

Engine Wiring Harness

Our mission is to provide our customers with super qualified products & services with a low total cost of ownership to help our customers gain a big advantage in this cut-throat competitive contemporary world. To ensure the quick turn around time, we make huge stock of connectors, terminals, wire seals, wires, PVC, clips...at all times to react quickly. We even have our own tooling workshop and 3D prototyping technology to make custom components, which better assists the custom wiring process.

Engine Wiring Harness

Wiring harness assembly is typically done manually due to the many different processes involved, so we have abundant skillful workers and crafts in our factory. Additionally, we’re increasing the automation facilities, such as automatic cut, strip, terminate, etc. machines to fulfill semi-automation production aiming to improve productivity and shorten lead time.

Engine Wiring Harness

A top racing company wants to design a universal fixing wiring harness kit for their customers.


The situation is that OEM car connector’s lead time is long and not steady, and the unit price is changeable and expensive. Also, the company has its own idea to improve the wire harness’ performance. Therefore, the car connector is required to be changed.

The OEM car connector is complex with 7 parts, consisting of retainer locks, strain relief, cable seal, CPA. In the meanwhile, the cable seal’s size is quite precise.


In the early stage, our technical team conducted a lot of feasibility analysis by using mold flow analysis and other technologies. According to customer’s additional requirements, technicians redesign the car connector, and make some 3D samples for checking. Thanks to the early stage effort, the prototype is passed with the first time checking, and gets high praised by the company.

Considering that the application is for independent customers, we suggest to package the universal fixing wiring harness kit as an individual bag with instruction manual.


The great idea and Kinkong’s capabilities of redesigning, molding, testing lead this wire harness kit to a popular item in the aftermarket. Customized individual package also improves end-user experience. It further enhances the brand effect. From designing a prototype through to mass-producing, Kinkong Wire Harness will make the idea come true, and provide steady and in-time delivery.